About Eric Restrepo
Eric Restrepo is a financial professional with 8 years of experience from Sacramento, CA who was trained as a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley.

Eric owns Restrepo Wealth Solutions, Inc., an innovative financial services company that takes a contrarian approach to asset management and investment selection, by examining economics, geopolitics, psychology, and technology in a holistic way.

In addition to serving clients in his Wealth Management Practice, Eric is a Team Based Model Consultant. He is an advocate of Proactive Tax Planning. He is an intense researcher and student of Personal Finance, Money, Investing, and The Markets.

Eric's clients range from everyday investors like you and me, to Big Business Owners looking for the most advanced business and tax planning strategies. No matter who he works with he aims to make their life better by protecting and preserving the only asset that is truly not renewable: Time.
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